Christopher John Sy, better known as JSY, is an eclectic Canadian musician. A skilled guitarist and an accomplished singer/songwriter, JSY constantly grows his fanbase through engaging Youtube videos, instagram and spotify.

His style is a unique blend of R&B and Hip-Hop, where soulful melodies blend in with exciting rhythms and edgy lyrics.With many years active as an artist, JSY recounts many career highlights, including collaborating with a wide variety of artists, reaching out to audiences online and through media such as radio, as well as performing alongside established artists such as Dru Hill, 112 and many more.

Following a short hiatus from the music industry, JSY is back with one of his strongest releases to date, “Love Drug”, as well as with other releases such as “All I Need”.With his modern production values, spotless lyrical flow and seamless arrangements, JSY echoes the work of contemporary icons such as Bruno Mras,  The Weeknd or Bryson Tiller

You can find him under the name JSY or j$y On spotify